Picturing the Studio - Press Release

More on the exhibition I'm in that opened Friday; here is the press release [pdf version]:

December 12, 2009-February 13, 2010

Curated by Michelle Grabner (SAIC) and Annika Marie (Columbia College), Picturing the Studio is presented in conjunction with the College Art Association's 98th Annual Conference in Chicago, February 10-13, 2010. With works by more than 30 artists spanning the past two decades, the exhibition is testament to the compelling nature that the studio itself holds as subject as well as place of production.

Picturing the Studio features site-specific works by New York artist Ann Craven, SAIC alumna and Los Angeles based artist Amanda Ross-Ho, and SAIC faculty Judith Geichman and Frank Piatek. Major, iconic works by Rodney Graham, Bas Jan Ader, Matt Keegan, James Welling, David Robbins and Karl Haendel are intersleeved among excellent examples of work by Chicago-based artists who take on the studio as subject.

"The privileged space of the studio remains an important domain for the artist," notes Grabner, SAIC professor and chair of the Department of Painting and Drawing. The very range of works convened—photographic documentation and drawings of celebrated studios, the transposition of the contemporary artist's studio into the space of the gallery, theatrical tableaux evidencing its impact on the physical state of the artist's body, delicate line contours of workshop paraphernalia, and so forth—illustrate the heterogeneity of artistic strategies, modalities, and scales of embodying the studio. While Picturing the Studio offers no clean closure to these questions, what it does seek to show are instances of artists working in, on, and through the studio as a special site of attention.

Featured Artists

Bas Jan Ader, Conrad Bakker, John Baldessari, Stephanie Brooks, Ivan Brunetti, Ann Craven, Julian Dashper, Dana DeGiulio, Susanne Doremus, Joe Fig, Dan Fischer, Julia Fish, Nicholas Frank, Alicia Frankovich, Judith Geichman, Rodney Graham, Karl Haendel, Shane Huffman, Barbara Kasten, Matt Keegan, Daniel Lavitt, Adelheid Mers, Tom Moody, Bruce Nauman, Paul Nudd, Frank Piatek, Leland Rice, David Robbins, Kay Rosen, Amanda Ross-Ho, Carrie Schneider, Roman Signer, Amy Sillman, Frances Stark, Nicholas Steindorf, and James Welling.

A related book on the subject of the artist's studio, The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists, a co-publication of SAIC and the University of Chicago Press, will be released in April 2010. For ordering information visit www.press.uchicago.edu

This exhibition is made possible in part with funds from the College Art Association and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. It is also part of Studio Chicago, a yearlong collaborative project that focuses the artist's studio. www.studiochicago.org

I may have erred in previously saying the show also addressed post-studio issues. The pieces I have in the exhibit deal in part with extending studio practice into workplace "downtime."