meta-modernism in Chelsea


Norbert Schwontowski at Mitchell-Innes & Nash: illustrating a dream modern art museum.


Tomory Dodge at CRG: constructivism by way of Richter's Atlas (cut-up fragments from slick magazines pasted on washy watercolors and snapshots of skies).


Philip Metten from a Robert Miller group show of artists from Belgium: the Leger/MirĂ³ populist banner filtered through '80s game graphics.

While visiting the neighborhood it became apparent that the vacuum of total space left by closed galleries is being filled by leading galleries opening satellite spaces.

Revisited the Mike Kelley show to see if the laughing guard was still there. One segment of the blogosphere speculated that any security staff interacting with gallerygoers must be paid plants of the artist. Another equally plausible theory is he would be "let go" for crossing an inviolable social line. Conclude what you will, he wasn't there on a second visit. (On the chance that he was an innocent one- or two-time transgressor on his day off, I didn't ask.)