i heart my blog (but not enough to marry it)

These days as we surf around the net every site screams at us to "like" this and "reblog" that. Pages load slowly, groaning as they collect all the packets for embedded media, ads, feeds, and interactive widgets. In the place of blog posts we find teasers--carefully crafted headlines and lead sentences that entice us to click through for a story that may or may not be interesting. The people we used to read now talk to us on TV screens. The Huffington Post gives us a range of reactions we can click for its stories (except it is missing "sux").

And then there's the blog you are reading, a throwback to a web few actually ever saw (post dotcom, pre social media) consisting of writing, pictures, a few links, some horizontal lines, and a "logo." The text may overdramatize and the pics may be blingy but at least they don't have to compete with the rest of the page. If you're reading this on RSS it looks pretty much like it does in its native element, depending on how much design paraphernalia surrounds your feed info. Am coming up on ten years of doing this (Feb 2011) and feel very little itch to change, despite peer pressure to join the ZuckerBorg. (Some non-fans have made digs that I can't "figure out how to use Facebook"--in your dreams, assholes.)