You Can Quit Anytime

Speaking of quitting Facebook, here are a couple of blog posts from one who did, programmer/entrepeneur Barry Hoggard:

Article in PC World on Facebook privacy

I deleted my Facebook account today

These posts are chockablock with links to other articles about how unbelievably bad Facebook is, if you care about your privacy at all. Hoggard, as someone who joined in '07 and quit after three years, has more authority than those of us who never signed up, who could be written off as "old" and/or web-inept by the terminally thick. But allow me to lecture you anyway: even before the site blew open all its privacy doors it sounded iffy, as in, all these people saying "We're getting a Facebook group together to save Indonesian hardwoods"--what guarantee did they have that their personal data wasn't being "shared" with the International Mahogany Trade Association and Death Squad? The idea of taking your politics to a glorified dating site always seemed incredibly naive. And as for artists uploading all their creative work to a site that was going to (a) convert it to crappy jpegs and (b) keep it forever on servers beyond your control, excuse me, but: Dorks R Us.