"BS Cascade (Suite)"

These one minute songs are coming fast and heavy so I'm just going to combine the last four in a single post and use the word "including" like King Crimson used to do.

"BS Cascade (Suite)"
i. Trance (Generator Powered Groovebox) [mp3 removed]
ii. BS Cascade I [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]
iii. BS Cascade II [mp3 removed]
iv. Trance (Generator Power) [mp3 removed]

All were done with various combinations of modular synths and sampled sounds, using both the computer and hardware. The lumbering rhythm of the BS Cascades is made using the Doepfer Quad ADSR module as a pseudo-delay triggering the start times of four VCOs.
The groovebox version of "Trance" takes the same raw material as the non-groovebox and homogenizes it somewhat. I accidently saved one riff at the wrong rate and it made some interesting sounds.