new, improved, nonexistent

It's hard to know what to tell kids about ethics when their elders blatantly, casually lie every day of the world. A small case in point (forgive the Andy Rooney mode): Verizon, everyone's least favorite phone provider, sends you an email with this graphic:


They are telling you their website has been redesigned and want to waste some of your valuable time to explain more about it. But if you click through, you find out the redo hasn't happened yet!


So you "scroll down," which is Verizon parlance for clicking through more pages. You're thinking "maybe I'll find out when the new site goes live -- since I need to order some repair work on those copper lines they never seem to get around to upgrading." After viewing about eight more pages of preening and promises you come to a "pre-enroll" screen:


Probably that should read "punked you again, fool." But kids, don't jack with people's expectations like this yourselves, or people will never trust you.

Update: Why did Verizon do this?