my set last night, incl. "Ladies' Paradise I," "Who Let Him Out?" "New Wavs," "Fork It Over Remix"

from the Disquiet Junto performances at Apex Art last night, in mp3 form:

"Ladies' Paradise I" [mp3 rmoved to Bandcamp]*

"Who Let Him Out? (Ladies' Paradise II)" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]*

"Semi-Aleatoric" (mp3 moved to Bandcamp)

"Spring Forward" (mp3 moved to Bandcamp)

"New Wavs" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

"Fork It Over (Remix)" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

Many thanks to event organizer Marc Weidenbaum and Apex for a well-planned, fun evening.
*I told Marc I would post on Soundcloud the two "Ladies' Paradise" remixes above, based on samples I made from the Disquiet Junto retail store field recordings, but I lied. Just realized Soundcloud requires a Facebook login, and you know what that means around here. For the time being I hope I can be classed as a Junto Adjunct - if that's OK with Marc.

Update: Am told I "don't need Facebook to make a Soundcloud account" but this sign-up screen has Zuckerprints all over it!

Update 2:

woodfloors: that's just a button.. the form below requires no such zuckery

tommoody: if that's the case they need to work on their layout - "sign up with facebook" probably shouldn't be the first thing you see when you come to the login screen

melipone: fb wants and is close to being the single login

tommoody: it's just - it's just - evil