"As Real As It Gets" performance tonight

Tonight I'll be performing music at Apex Art in Tribeca in connection with the Rob Walker-curated exhibit "As Real As It Gets." Marc Weidenbaum organized the sound art component of the show, which runs until December 22, including tonight's event.

Repeating my earlier description:
Walker's show deals with branding and commercialism, including fictional precedents and fake products. Inspired by Emile Zola's description of a bustling 19th Century department store, Weidenbaum asked musicans to make and then modify field recordings of actual retail spaces in the present-day world.
My performance will include a music piece based on some of these recordings, as well as one other recent work.

The other performers are Arcka (Shawn Kelly), Brian Biggs, Ethan Hein, Kenneth Kirschner, Joon Oluchi Lee, and Roddy Schrock. The event starts at 6:30 pm at Apex Art, 291 Church Street, New York, NY. I hope to see you there.

tub copter


GIF by plams; optimized from its original 1.7 MB down to 185 KB, at the loss of some blade motion.

"Give me a picture with a girl, a baby, and a helicopter and I can sell anything." --J. Walter Thompson, 1944

short statements too long for twitter

Two kinds of people can be found on city streets: those with white wires trailing out of their ears, babbling gibberish into the void and those walking quietly -- observing, listening, thinking.

Last night something in a dream cracked me up and I woke up at 3 AM laughing. This rarely happens; am not sure it's ever happened. It was some combination of images and a badly spelled word.

I am about to jettison my landline. Verizon still has these legacy copper wire customers they are neglecting because the big push is for wireless this and that. Every year or so I get overwhelming static on the line and some hapless unionized guy has to go up the pole and kind of half-fix it. I will switch to all-cell service but it ain't gonna be Verizon. F*** your shitty company.

"I Said Fork It Over"

"I Said Fork It Over" [5.2 MB .mp3]

A short, sort of drone metal chamber music piece for modular synth and PC. The slightly skewed harmonies at the middle and end were done by physically dialing among waveforms in a wavetable oscillator.
The occasional background crackles are a feature rather than a bug of the sampler module used to make the drone sounds, one I'm not entirely wild about but don't care enough to try to filter out. There are plug-ins that give you that kind of lo-fi texture!