"Wherefore and Who For"

"Wherefore and Who For" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Continuing with this series of 3 min. all-Octatrack-and-Eurorack tunes.
This is less crunchy than "House Dwellers"; more analog filtering was used.
The Doepfer A-112 module's sample rate control was used to make the sped-up spacy "sweeps" that occur throughout.
The LFO'd, filtered cymbals in the middle section use the Octatrack's inboard FX.
The main melodies are WMD's Gamma Wave wavetable oscillators, tuned a few semitones apart, independently CV-WT-swept, mixed together, and filtered.
No analog oscillators were used - it's all analog processed digital, re-sampled and arranged in the Octatrack.