tweets from 2008

From my hand-made Twitter archive (don't you wish you had one of these?), vol. 1, long before disillusionment with the owners set in:

using my cognitive surplus 08:32 PM May 10, 2008

voyager where aliens from The Void have a calculator jam session while the Doc bobs head appreciatively and 7 looks on 10:03 PM May 09, 2008

ideas for music series: more acoustic jazz trio songs; a suite of songs in the vein of the DEVO Corporate Anthem 09:48 PM May 09, 2008

premise of Gutenberg Galaxy: understanding transition from oral to literate culture helps us understand transition from literate to media 09:45 PM May 09, 2008

starting the first of the Octavia Butler "patternist" novels, Wild Seed 09:44 PM May 09, 2008

finished the action-packed Iain M Banks downer space opera. it's a bit like Star Wars where Greedo didn't shoot first 02:04 AM May 08, 2008 from web

all batman movies suck 12:17 PM May 07, 2008 from web

@piotch - yes, the museum tours are good, from what I know of them; the artist acceptance speeches seemed like too easy targets 03:16 PM May 05, 2008

what is it about YouTube comments--people are completely uninhibited to say whatever comes into their heads, at all times 08:11 AM May 05, 2008

andrea fraser's striptease video on vvork--she needs to stop obsessing about the success of these assholes (just an initial reaction) 08:07 AM May 05, 2008

am reading my first Iain M.Banks sf novel--he writes non-sf without the middle initial 11:53 AM May 03, 2008

apollo (stringed instrument/mathematical music of the spheres) flayed the satyr marsyas (piped instrument/earthiness and sex) (albright) 11:52 AM May 03, 2008

adorno's appreciation of music has little to do with the ear but rather music's connection to mental structures 11:47 AM May 03, 2008

like Greenberg, Adorno is a purist: art is valuable to the extent it is disillusioned, authentic (albright) 04:27 PM May 02, 2008

adorno adds music to the laocoon analysis; his Philosophy of the New Music praises Schoenberg and ridicules Stravinsky 04:25 PM May 02, 2008

greenberg: each art should remain inviolate within its own private domain (albright) 04:21 PM May 02, 2008

gotthold ephraim lessing: nebeneinander (spatial arts) vs nacheinander (temporal arts) - each has distinct protocols 04:03 PM May 02, 2008

laocoon problem: man crushed by snakes screams in poem but is impassive in statue owing to different protocols of those media 04:02 PM May 02, 2008