Antonelli Electr; Beatport gripe

Some four years back I attempted a discography of Stefan Schwander, AKA Antonelli Electr (and Repeat Orchestra and other aliases), a mellifluous minimal electro-house producer from Dusseldorf. I'd lost track of his releases after 2004 or so but was pleased to discover that they're on Beatport, a paid-download site catering to DJs. It's been a pleasure catching up. I was sorry, though, to see that Beatport thought it necessary to add (nay, insist that you install on your computer) a "download manager"--more Flash crap to junk up your hard drive and registry when Firefox does a perfectly fine job of moving files onto your machine. You have to download an Adobe installer just to download the downloader--more crap. This is like a sickness, this desire of every small business to colonize your computer with some branded .exe file that services only their product. At least the mp3s and wavs you get from Beatport are DRM-free--or so they say.