Digital Political Time Lapse Reception

Last night attended the mid-show opening party for Digital Political Time Lapse at LIU in Brooklyn, curated by Aron Namenwirth. The glass walled gallery in the LIU Humanities bldg is striking, kind of a Farnsworth House for art with folding tables for all the gear. It's an ideal space for video pieces, which the show mostly consisted of. I especially liked William Stone's Brion Gysin-like video cut up of a Bush State of the Union speech--from 2003, I think, the height of Dear Leader's inflated arrogance. The video mostly consists of him saying plural nouns cut from the speech ("terrorists," "families," "minorities"...), which emphasizes his penchant for loud sibilants. Later, the cuts became just the "SSS"s at the ends of the words so he seemed to be hissing like a snake with that same smug look on his face. While the sycophants all around him applauded. Man, four years and a complete loss of credibility later and the sycophants are still being sycophantic. I guess when something gets to be a habit...

Photos of the exhibit (and opening) are on Namenwirth's blog.

Update: The exhibit has been extended to Oct. 31.