More on Ruez

The Ruez mini-CD written about here a couple of weeks back appears on a rather intimidating list of recordings available for sale from Erstwhile Records. Worth a peruse--it's like a curated show of "downtown" music.

Ruez's label also has a MySpace page where another reviewer, Vital Weekly, reached similar conclusions about the CD: "Eric Laska is the man behind Ruez, and his sound input deals with 'corrupted MP3 files, scrambling synthesizers, urban field recordings, chirping feedback recordings,' which may sound a lot more noise than it actually is. Ruez plays an interesting game of noise versus silence, with things sometimes dropping down in volume to the level of almost silence. Only to burst out in chirping electronics, which makes these fifteen minutes very enjoyable. Noise which is thought and cared about. A form of noise I like. If you like Gert-Jan Prins doing some more subdued music, then Ruez might be a fine place."