Net Art in Real Life

On Sunday, March 8, 2008, I'll be participating in an exhibit titled In Real Life, at Capricious Space in Brooklyn.

The show is a month-long series of short (as in 4 hours) gallery residencies for people working on the Net, including Art Fag City, ASDF, Club Internet, Ffffound, The Highlights, Humble Arts Foundation, I Heart Photograph, Loshadka, Netmares/Netdreams, Platform For Pedagogy, Private Circulation, UbuWeb, VVORK, and Why + Wherefore.

I will be putting up work (performing virtually?) on the Club Internet site--the gig is described as follows:

Club Internet

All members of Club Internet will be invited to sit behind their computers, either at home or in the gallery, as Harm van den Dorpel announces the curatorial criteria for them to create a new work on the spot and participate in an opening party—all within 4 hours. The resulting show will remain online for one month at

Thanks to Harm for the invite. My placeholder page is loaded and I await my instructions.

"In Real Life" commences with a panel discussion on Saturday, March 7, titled "Browser As Exhibition Space," from 8-10pm.

The exhibit is organized by Laurel Ptak, who blogs at I Heart Photograph.

Update, recopied from my twitter page:

post-panel consensus: finding ways to hide your site or slow down its reading is not "democracy"