"Mutator_uLFO_42+43" [mp3 removed -- a revised version is on Bandcamp]

Same setup as the previous posts with the addition of filter sequencing for the Mutator and swapping out the Gamma Wave Source oscillator (instead of the Z3000 module I was using). MIDI notes from the computer are used as a gate and pitch-controller for the filter as it does its normal sweep (MIDI pitchbend curves are also effecting the cutoff frequency). The EXT input from the uLFO (described in the previous posts) is adding the syncopation. Lastly, 1V/Octave is being used to sweep several wavetable waves in the GWS, giving a little tooth to the signal. Two sessions were done - one with pitch in the oscillator and one without - and then overtracked. The detailed notes are in case I ever want to come back to this. (The Mutator is '96 gear; hence that analogue bubblebath sound. I'm trying to make it do everything the manual says it will. Am going to add drums to this at some point.)