and you call this techno

Dinnertable conversation from last night, as near verbatim as possible:

You said you were making techno music.
That's what you call it, techno music?
It's techno in the sense of, it's all electronic. About 50 percent of it has a dancefloor beat, but there are elements of what you could call classical. Parts that harmonize or play in counterpoint, changes of tempo, a structure with distinct parts that are developed. And when I say "electronic," the sounds could be samples of traditional instrument sounds, like a drum hit or piano.
And how is this being heard?
I have an account on Bandcamp, where the tunes are offered for sale.
Oh, you're actually selling this.
How much are you making?
I'm not going to share my balance sheet with you. You can also stream the music, you don't have to buy it.
And people dance to this music? Your music?
I've performed it live but it wasn't as a DJ -- it was in a live music or gallery venue. I have DJ'd and people have danced but I wasn't playing my own tracks.