"Acid Exercise 2"

"Acid Exercise 2" [mp3 removed]

This is all hardware, live except for mixing two mono channels down to stereo after the recording.
Nerdy backstory: the "synth" is an analog filterbank called the Mutator. It's using the output of one Electribe groovebox, a rhythm-only box, as an "external input" that modulates the bass notes from another box, in real time. The same rhythm is simultaneously playing as pure audio. The external input imprints a rhythmic pattern onto the bubbly bass filtering that is more complex and varied than if it was just the filtering alone (an "auto-wah" envelope filter). The grooveboxes are not synced--three rhythm patterns and three melodic patterns are manually toggled on and off in a staggered, combinatory fashion. It's kind of fun to listen to for all this structural rigor.