One of my doodles is making the tumblr rounds.
Another tumblr blog (where the GIF above came from) swallowed my digitalmediatree blog whole [update, Aug. 2010, looks like mom pulled the plug on that site, links to it replaced with digitalmediatree links]. Well, not really--someone is making choices at least.
Mondo Mondo Trading Post with the caption "oh my god."
Bill Schwarz found drunk tank photo.
Jessica Ciocci
Kara Hammond (one of my first blog posts)
My photo of a Leif Ritchey installation detail.
Oops, I'm putting the verbal context back in.

Update: Due to tumblr's archive limit many images referred to here are now gone from this heavy user's archive, to make space for David Bowie.

Update 2: New tumblr archive format: every image on a blog is now thumbnailized on a single page - woa.

Update 3: As noted above, the heavy user's site is now gone.