From a comment thread about the death of Andrew Breitbart on a site that didn't like him:

You’re only supposed to say good things about the dead. He’s dead...good.

Tried to filter out consciousness of the deceased's name and presence during his lifetime but it was hard due to his self-promotional relentlessness. A few items that got past the filter:

--He promoted videos unflattering to the Obama administration and a community organizing group that were revealed to be fake, yet he suffered no shame or loss of status in the media

--he had strange ideas (projected sexual fantasies) about a certain left-leaning, authentic grassroots organization

--he was a "hit man" for a fake grassroots organization of the right funded by a couple of billionaires who don't like having their astroturfing exposed

--I saw him shouting on TV at newscaster Cenk Ungyur, not letting Ungyur get a word in, and he seemed like the classic loud drunk in a bar

--Despite all this, if you live in LA (his home town) and write for the Huffington Post you had to say he was "basically a good man" and "had his flaws." HuffPo commenters who said otherwise were reportedly censored.

Based on these few nuggets, it seems a little bit of poison left our planet last week. America constantly enables Joe McCarthy-like bullies to dominate public life and unlike McCarthy most don't get their comeuppance; the only way to be rid of them is for them to implode.