Music Notes

I've been remixing my tunes, getting ready to make some CDs for "demo" purposes.
I've been using John Parker's excellent production on our Scratch Ambulance disc, as well as the two tunes of mine that sounded decent through the PA system at Galapagos last month as my "baseline" and adjusting tracks to that baseline.
I'm not using much equalization but mainly eliminating "muddy frequencies" by moving too-closely pitched sounds to different pan-locations. Also getting basses and kick drums on their own tracks and leveling them separately.
I eliminated about 100 tunes from what I've posted online so that's about 120 I could potentially use. I have done one disc with 20 songs I'm fairly satisfied with, but I'm thinking a multi-disc set is where this is going, just so I have a hard(er) copy record of a fairly productive couple of years.