hypnomesh_1, Ryan Alexander


Animated version on flickr

Have been saying that animated GIFs didn't so much become "corny and out of fashion" (the conventional wisdom) but rather appeared to disappear to the rank and file internet user because the big companies actively bury them. Let's add Flickr to the list. I understand GIFs can be large and you don't want to always have them using bandwidth on your front page*, but Flickr has no link such as mine above or a thumbnail to tell you that the above image is animated. You have to click through to a slide show view, which still doesn't tell you, then click one more time, to the "original" on the "all sizes" page. Many users will not burrow that far. The artist is having to resort to putting a scaled down animated version in his own comments.

hat tip to dreamyshade

*my self-imposed limit used to be about 50KB per image; it's grown to 250KB-ish due to "broadband creep." Ryan Alexander's animation is 569KB.