Younger than Jesus: Selected Smart Remarks

re: the New Museum's "Younger Than Jesus" show (yes, it's actually called that), from my twitter page:

not getting any younger...than Jesus

Looking forward to a couple months' worth of smart cracks about the "Younger than Jesus" show

"None of these artists (Leonardo, Picasso etc) are constrained by what they make their work out of, or how they make it. And that’s very new." [actual quote from curator, but I added the parenthetical]

and lo, Jesus was found talking to elder artists and critics, engaging them on points of doctrine, and Mary and Joseph were sore afraid

OTJ (older than Jesus) artists can have fun with the show - the excluded class is too large to be meaningfully resentful

some of my best friends are younger than Jesus

though to be younger than Jesus wouldn't that technically mean you were born between 0 and 33 AD? That would make you older than Methuselah

Correction: the show is now being called "Younger than Jesus (Was When He Died, pre-Resurrection)"

This will be a continuing series.